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Crybabies got trumped
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin

During the debates, Donald Trump was asked if he would accept the results of the election.  He stated if the results were fair he would accept and later stated he would accept the results of the election.  So why wasn’t Hillary asked the same question and why has she joined with Green Party nominee, Jill Stein, in a recount effort in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania?  It is disappointing to see those that did not get their way crying like little crybabies.

When Barack Obama won the presidency, I conceded and accepted the outcome and even wrote in our hometown newspaper that I acknowledge the milestone that Obama is the first black president and hoped for his success.

Now that Donald Trump has become president-elect, liberals are falling out of their highchairs, crying like little babies needing a timeout.  Even our hometown loudmouth, Larry Baca, is calling his presidency a con job.  There is no graceful acceptance of Donald Trump being president.  The cry babies are protesting in the street stating that Donald Trump is not their president.  I have to say to those crybabies if Donald Trump is not your president you should go to the country that you recognize and hail your president there.  Donald Trump is our president just as much as Barack Obama was president for the 60 million who voted against him.  Accept it and get over it.  It is kinda hard to feel sorry for those liberals who think the government should have unlimited power, when you never considered it might end up in the hands of someone you don’t like.

You crybabies were the same ones who were upset that Trump may not accept the outcome of the vote.  Afterward, he did state he would accept it; but you crybabies won’t accept it.  You continue to protest with violence day after day, accepting paid protest positions to create anarchy in America.  It is about time you understand that you can not have everything your way.  This is America and this is how our U.S. Constitution works.  Among those not accepting the outcome is Barbara Boxer, who foolishly called for an end for the Electoral College.  Sorry Raw Raw; but that is not going to happen unless the U.S. Constitution was amended by two-thirds of the Senate and House of Representatives and three-fourths of the states.  Take your argument to someone who cares to listen to your nonsense.  As far as the popular vote goes, there is an estimated 2-3 million illegal votes out by non-citizens and also much voter fraud, including a number of ballots signed in North Carolina by the same individual.

Do you want some hardcore facts about the election? Of the 700 counties across the country who voted for Barack Obama twice, Donald Trump won 209 of them (As Michael Moore said, that is not racism. It wasn’t when they voted for Obama nor is it now).  Hillary won 20 states compared to Trump’s 30 states.  Only one-third of the Democrats in the House come from just three states: Massachusetts, New York and California.  Of the 99 state legislative chambers, 69 are now controlled by the Republicans (Nebraska is unicameral – one legislative body not two).  Republicans have 24 governors in states with Republicans in entire control of the legislature – only six states have the same for Democrats.  There are 34 Republican governors and 16 Democrat governors.

This means the Republicans have a much deeper bench going forward than Democrats will have and likely that the Democrats will continue to lean farther left for their candidates for president.

On the other hand, the Electoral College keeps things close (if not gives the Democrats an outright advantage) and presents a danger to Republicans and therefore presidential opportunities to Democrats because California, New York, Oregon, and Washington provide the Democrats 103 Electoral votes automatically. The majority of states that have no voter identification vote Democrat attributed to much voter fraud.  Republicans must produce good government reforms and to get government out of the people’s lives.  They must not compromise with socialism; but allow capitalism to make America great again.  Republicans are held to a higher standard by their voters if they are to remain in power.

To the crybabies who are looking for your binky, complaining and protesting with violence, you got Trumped and just don’t get it.  It is you who caused over 60 million voters to vote for Donald Trump.  Those voters just want to Make America Great Again.


Frank Aquila



Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere.”  He can be emailed at