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Dairies might go way of Pontiac cars
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Editor Manteca Bulletin,
Dennis Wyatt’s story in my opinion didn’t go far enough on the problematic issue of methane gas. I think dairies are one of the most vital industries in this valley. The loss of dairies forced out of existence by high priced technology to reduce methane gas, would be a huge financial loss to the Central Valley. I would like to continue drinking milk and eating my cookies knowing our milk is safe to drink. If our milk came from South of the Border, how can we be sure of the quality, from a country that don’t impose quality standards?

Here is the part the Manteca City Council and editor of the Bulletin forgot to mention. The bulk of the toxic waste is not from the daily deposit of dairy cattle. It is from the mountains of cow manure that is piled up and sold as fertilizer. This mountain of cow manure that is covered most of the time, creates a vast amount of gas. This mountain of manure is the prime source of methane gas. That brings up a question, on how the dairies can dispose of this toxic manure in a shorter period of time. I think it would be less expensive to address this issue, than having the industry be forced out of business by regulators requiring expensive technology. Dairies make money off cow residue, but unless they get rid of the source of pollutants, they will be forced out of existence. That would certainly be a loss, in a vital industry that has been with us for many years. The industry has got to rid themselves of the source of pollutants, so regulators want have any excuse to impose high priced technology on dairies. The city will be hard pressed to find a solution to this issue, but if they don’t, dairies might go the way of the Pontiac.
Fleener  Richards
June 18, 2009