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Debby Moorheads numbers do not add up
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

In the past few days, people have questioned me regarding the incumbents’ numbers. I indicated to them, there is a more plausible explanation for Manteca’s election numbers than that published in the Manteca Bulletin.

First, we must acknowledge the anticipated win by Steve DeBrum; his win was simply guaranteed. On the other hand, given the poor “community polls,” the high number of unsolicited less than approving comments from residents and business people alike for months, and the lack of campaigning, Debby Moorhead’s numbers do not add up; especially when the final count is virtually the same number as that for Steve.

It would appear that a coalition of sorts was developed as the election was closing to carry Debby to victory, and guarantee the existing city council remained unchanged. Thus, assuring two outcomes - Council decisions will not improve our quality-of-life and the deteriorating infrastructure will worsen; and, worse yet, our municipal finances will continue to be focused on select developers that continue to influence Manteca’s future based on a profit margin.

I believe the election numbers reflect a different mandate and a community that is awakening to the awareness of a misdirected Council and the dire financial and quality-of-life conditions that have plagued Manteca for decades. Many more residents want change today at city hall as indicated by Shelia Raya’s vote count. Shelia, a new comer to Manteca politics gathered a substantial number of votes. I congratulate her on her victory.

Under “transparent” circumstances, the vote results would have been very different, if it were not for the back room parlaying of city funds and priorities that continues to prevail in Manteca. Unfortunately, in the next two years Manteca will lose the historic water tower, street conditions will worsen, no new library, the veteran’s memorial siting will be wrong, and so on.

Benjamin Cantu


Nov. 9, 2012