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DeBrum didnt make right appointment
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Manteca Mayor Steve DeBrum likes to show everyone he is the man running the show.
When it comes to appointing someone to fill a vacant spot on any committee, DeBrum appoints whoever he wants, not the person who should get the spot.
Three people recently applied for the position on the Public Safety Sales Tax Oversight Committee. They were Ben Cantu, Robert Serpa and a new man in town for only a few years.
It is plain to see that Councilman Mike Morowit played a major role in the appointment of the new man on the block getting the job as Morowit’s name came up several times as the new man made his pitch for the appointment. He stated that both he and Morowit are businessmen. Morowit no doubt used a little bit of friendly persuasion to get Mayor DeBrum to appoint the new man on the block. It was a slap in the face by DeBrum to overlook the two men who have been in the city for a long time.
Looming on the horizon is the funding for the Manteca Fire rescue squad.
This deadbeat City Council had better get on the ball and come up with the funding for public safety instead of the annual “recess vacation” trip to D.C.
Dump the consultants. The brain trust running city hall is quite capable of doing things consultants are being paid to do which is nothing other than getting a fat check.

Fred Millner