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Declare May 3 Richard Silverman Day
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
“No, no, no,” says Manteca Councilman Richard Silverman concerning staging aerial fireworks at Woodward Park on the Fourth of July.
Silverman complained about the large soccer tournaments played at Woodward that have raised havoc with the neighborhood such as rowdiness, vandalism and other forms of misbehavior. Woodward Park is overbooked with events, according to Silverman.
One of Silverman’s neighbors made several trips to the podium stating she was against the fireworks display being moved to Woodward Park.
A vote was taken and Mayor Steve DeBrum who recently was voted Best Local Politician and his left-hand man Vince Hernandez voted no on the fireworks thus Silverman got his way.
Silverman’s neighbor got up and announced, “Rich, you are our hero.”
Hooray for Silverman, “the hero.” To receive such an honor as this, perhaps the city should declare every May 3 Richard Silverman Day in Manteca.

Fred Millner