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Democrats cant have it both ways
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I have to respond to the letters written by Scott Sadlowski and Larry Baca.  Both of these clowns tried to tear apart Frank Aquila's commentary from last week "Have we forgotten September 11, 2001?

In their letter, they accused Frank of cut and paste and then accused him of lies.  Which is it?  Did he cut and paste lies or did he just supply information which you did not agree?  You can ot have it both ways unless you are a Democrat which votes for the war and then votes against it. 

Maybe you could get your buddy Obama to appoint a new Czar to limit any speech you do not like.  Oh wait!  The Democrats are already trying to do it with the "Fairness Docrine".  Maybe you can join in the next apologize for America Tour when Obama goes to Europe.  Or maybe you can attend a Code Pink rally to protest the war.  Oh wait!  A war that the Democrats control must be a good war.  

Maybe we can give our political friends billions of taxpayer money or call our veterans terrorists.  At least I have my health care until the government takes that away and gives me death therapy.

Robert Blanch
Aug. 30, 2009