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Democrats dont offer solutions, just complaints
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I notice every time Mr. Aquila writes a letter it is automatically followed with complaints from the Democrats in this city.  Mr. Aquila offered 10 solutions for America. I have never seen a solution offered by any of the Democrats, just complaints.

Mr. Sadlowski complained about the Patriot Act violating individual rights.  Can Mr. Sadlowski show any proof that this has occurred?  I also would not like my individual rights violated; but if the government suspected me as a terrorist and they used it for the “right” reasons to prevent a terrorist act, then I am all for the Patriot Act to spy on terrorists.  Maybe Mr. Sadlowski would feel different if he were to find out the Patriot Act saved his life or someone in his family.

Mr. Sadlowski also thinks we have an absolute right of freedom of speech.  I agree with Mr. Aquila in his article that freedoms have its limitations like with child pornography. We also cannot say bad words on the radio and there is limitation on the T.V. during certain hours.  It is true that many young people are listening to music that is demeaning to women and incites violence against the police.  It is horrible what happened to some police officers in Oakland.  Mr. Aquila is right about the real hate speech that is out there and it is not healthy for people.  This is really hate speech in the true meaning.  Mr. Sadlowski asked if we will have moral police patrolling the street for such violators? What is ironic about the moral police that Mr. Sadlowski brings up is the Democrat party trying to call those who speak against homosexuality as hate speech.  So, is the moral police going to arrest our preachers for preaching the Bible against homosexuality as a sin, Mr. Sadlowski?

A boss once told his employees if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.  Mr. Sadlowski, everyone who reads what you write can see you are the problem.
  Amy Sullivan
April 1, 2009