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Democrats promote taxation
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Now that we have gotten some tax relief from the federal government thanks to President Trump and the Republican Party now it is time to focus on  getting tax relief from the state. As we all know or should know the state increased taxes on gas and vehicle registration. The impact of those increases will ripple through the state increasing the price of goods and services such as food.
The state gas tax was passed by the legislature controlled by the Democrats and signed into law by Moonbeam Gov. Jerry Brown and went into effect immediately. The stated purpose of the increase was to repair roads and highways. But recently a Democrat proposed spending $1.4 billion for health insurance for illegal immigrants that are here illegally.
Remember how the state said it was broke and needed the tax increase to repair roads and that we don’t have money to repair dams. If that is a fact, which it isn’t, where is the $1.4 billion coming from if we don’t have any money? Answer: It is coming from the proceeds of the gas tax. Yes, the gas tax. Now that is a tax that should be repealed.
We gave two factions, political parties. One is the Republican Party that promotes reducing the tax burden on people like you and me. Then you have the other political party, the Democrats that promotes taxation taxing you and me to fund their socialist agenda and welfare state. Wherein, the taxpaying citizens, you and I are taxed to pay for health insurance for illegal immigrants and to keep people on welfare. The Democratic Party does not promote self-reliance. They promote dependency on government by taxing you and me.
For some reason Californians believe the Democratic Party consists of virtuous people. That is far from the truth. Every argument against the federal tax reform was filled with lies and misleading. Now, you do not have to like the Republican Party or the President, in fact we do not know or have a personal relationship with any of the previous Presidents. But the Republican Party and the President, or shall I say President Trump, have not lied or mislead you neither about tax reform nor about immigration. In fact, he has been more truthful than the previous Presidents. And the Republican Party is the only party that promotes jobs and self-reliance for all Americans.
My message is simple. The Democrats want you to have less of your money and the Republicans want you to have more of your money, after all it is your money. I favor the latter wherein I keep more of my money to invest save, buy goods, etc. If I have stated it correctly, I am perplexed why so many people in California vote for Democrats. And knowing the history of the Democratic Party I am surprised that so many Californians vote Democratic.
Residents of California should educate themselves on the political systems instead of listening to liberal pundits. Look at the state’s elected politicians— almost every bill introduced has to do with taxation, protection of illegal immigrations (making California a sanctuary state) and health care for illegal immigrants. No bills have been introduced that will benefit American citizens.

Robert L. Fennell