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Demons & dragons: Good for a few laughs
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Monday’s “Your Views” section brought us two letters from the extreme right wing fringe. The first was an attack on Mrs. Pearsall. The writer had previously been severely and very publicly spanked by Mrs. Pearsall for his vain attempt to paint himself as the only hyper intelligent being on the planet and like any spoiled child, all he could muster up was a childish weeping reply that went something like this: “Oh yeah, well you are old and stupid and I am young and so very smart, so there!” That was it in a nutshell. The rest was not only incredibly boring, it was void of substance, void of logical thought and surely, void of even the slightest bit of credibility, the writer having lost every bit of that many times over. So it was, not surprisingly, not worth further comment.

The other letter was so wrong on so many levels, it boggles the mind but unlike the first letter, this was anything but boring. In fact I had to read it twice just to convince myself that I had actually read what I thought I read. (Obama: Messiah or Anti-Christ). I can’t blame the writer on this one because I found the exact same letter, almost word for word on the Internet. So the “Your Views” writer was simply passing on something he found to justify his own beliefs, thinking someone else may need the same justification. Unbelievable as that may sound to the rest of the people living in the current century.

The letter first claims that Obama is not the Messiah. Really? Do you think? Then he also claims Obama is not the Anti-Christ but spends the rest of the letter pointing to all the reasons we should think he just might be. He points out many ancient biblical prophesies to substantiate his ridiculous claims. I am surprised he didn’t bring up the Mayan Calendar, Quatzequatel and Johnny Carson. He warns of the danger to Israel that Obama brings. I wonder if the writer knows that Judaism doesn’t recognize Christ as the Messiah, instead he is known only as just another Jewish Rabbi, killed by the Romans. The letter goes on and on about Demons and Dragons, 666 and all of that nonsense. All that noise played pretty good a couple of thousand years ago and it plays out pretty good today, but mostly in the movies.

It is amazing to me that anyone reading that letter would not just fall to the floor and double up laughing until they almost passed out. That was exactly my response. My wife thought I was having some sort of seizure, grabbed the phone and almost dialed 911. Then she saw the headline and we both rolled around on the floor right in the middle of “The View”. All we could do was point at each other, then point to the newspaper, point at each other again and fall back laughing, and I might add, there were no funny cigarettes involved. Anyway it was our highlight of our day.
Larry Baca
March 17, 2009