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Demos shut the government down
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The shutdown of the Federal Government is strictly the Democrats. A funding bill is for t continuing government operations not a bill to pass an immigration bill. Hopefully, most Americans know that, but the government never shuts because essential personnel continues to work to insure our safety. I know that for a fact because I was a federal government manager that worked during one of the governments shut down.
A federal government shut down is a waste of our taxpayer’s dollars because millions of federal employees get furloughed, meaning they are non-essential but get paid for those days the Federal Government is shut down. Is that prudent expenditure of our tax dollars because Democrats want to give amnesty to the 800,000 DACA children that came here illegally with their parents? No that is not a prudent use of our tax dollars. They the Dreamers were created by the previous President and the Democratic Party. Now they want to include them in a bill that funds the government, they are a separate issue, but the problem was created by the previous President. Those so-called Dreamers and parents should have been sent back to their country of origin. But, no the previous President decided not to enforce existing immigration laws by allowing them to remain in the Us.
Furthermore, taxpayers pay for their education and medical expenses. What about the millions of young American Citizens that also dreams of a better future did the previous President consider their dreams and do the Democrats think about the millions of black, white and Hispanic Americans Citizens that have dreams of an achieving the American Dream. No. They are only interested in furthering the dreams of illegal immigrants. They are not concerned about our children. They want their vote therefore, it does not matter if young American citizens achieve their dreams. Our children are the last priority. Last, the Democrats and the liberal media continue to label the President as a racist to achieve their objective. But, in fact they are the racist because they only focus on amnesty for illegal immigrants, and labeling the white President as a racist.  He is not a racist. They are.

Robert Fennell