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Dennis Wyatt gets prize for being the odd bird
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Well Dennis, (Dennis Wyatt’s column, Oct. 19: “Forget the magic pill: it’s veggies, fruit & exercise”) you certainly do get the prize for being an odd bird!  

But it isn’t your diet that’s so odd, now that cancer has reached epidemic proportions, the survivors are beginning to catch on; nevertheless I don’t think that meat per se is the problem, it’s lack of moderation and, as you pointed out, not enough green vegetables and fruit; being Sicilian I will add also that olive oil, tomatoes and garlic go a long way in providing good health and vitality; furthermore, I would be remiss if I didn’t absolutely recommend wheatgrass juice.

 Times have changed. You can buy wheatgrass at Save-Mart now (thanks Mr. Piccinini).  If you don’t have a juicer, sell your microwave oven and buy one!  Wheatgrass juice is molecularly identical to human blood, with the exception of one molecule. Thirty years ago I knew a man who lived on it exclusively; he looked about 40 something; his actual age was later found to be 68; for all I know he may still be alive).  But about your well known oddity, it isn’t even the fact that your physical instructors are all women, that makes you odd; in these feminized times, that’s to be expected, more or less.  

Steven J. Catalano
Manteca, USA