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Did Sam Fant bully board members?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I would like to ask Leo Cauchon if the 5-2 vote against Mr. Fregoso (the Weston Ranch High principal) wasn’t due to Manteca Unified trustee Sam Fant bullying a couple of board members to vote his way or else. That seems to fit his style.

Nothing weakens MUSD except the frauds on the school board who recently got arrested. Cuachon used the phrase, “our response to differences rather than proactively embracing our increasing diversity.”  Here goes the race card again.  What does diversity have to do with a black woman committing election fraud?  Ashley Drain is not a legally elected trustee.  She committed election fraud as did Alexander Bronson.  Bronson had enough integrity to resign.  You would think anyone running for a school board position would have the intelligence to not use the same false address as did Drain and Bronson.  Anyone this criminally stupid does not have any business running anything.

Leo Cauchon is basically saying that everyone in upper management at MUSD isn’t as qualified to make decisions as he is.  It appears by Cauchon’s relentless comments that he thinks Superintendent Jason Messer should consult with him before making any final decisions.  I think it’s clear to everyone but Cauchon how ridiculous that would be.  I’m sure Cauchon has the same opinion of my favorite and most accurate editor Dennis Wyatt.

Kim Reichhelm