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Disagrees with column on illegals & Arizona law
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I can’t recall the last time I was in disagreement with one of your columns but I think you are way off-base on your Arizona law observations.

The people of Arizona have my sympathy and my heart goes out to them for having do take measures to manage themselves and their state as the federal government as elected not to enforce the very laws passed at the federal level.

My wife has an accent as do a couple of my nephews and none of them has any problem with being asked for identification should they become exposed to enforcement authorities for some necessary reason.  If there were multi-thousands of Irish/German Illegal immigrants here in this area I guarantee you I would not have a problem with having to prove my residency status to authorities. Obviously I’m of that descent.

It is not too difficult to imagine what the Arizona folks have to go thru with the illegal immigrants impacting their health care facilities (the ones that haven’t been forced to close), their environment, education system, quality of life, criminal justice system, etc.  I can only hope that at some point, hopefully soon, California will take some of the steps such as Arizona has to make certain that folks populating our state are here legally.

D. McCusker
May 1, 2010

Says column on
illegal immigrants
was misleading

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Your (column) on the new Arizona Law regarding illegal immigrants is so misleading I find it very sad.  Before writing about something you should read the law and have the facts first.

What in the hell has Rafael Ayala have to do with the Arizona law?  American citizens do not have a green card, duffer.

Why don’t you spend your time writing about the number of illegal gang members in the community that are committing crimes and the cost to local citizens or write about local companies (name them) that are hiring immigrants without green cards?

Richard Harvey
May 1, 2010