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Disappointed with school board
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Ironic and disappointing: Major General Eldon Regua was a candidate for Trustee Area 2 at Tuesday night’s Manteca Unified School Board meeting. He would have brought back honor to a school board that has recently been hit with several scandals, from indictments to sexual abuse at the core of its JROTC program.  But instead it chose a retired teacher for our newest trustee.

Kathy Howe has an outstanding record and did well for our children during her tenure as a teacher here in Manteca. Yet, she represents the status quo. All the teachers in the audience beginning with Ken Johnson, the teacher union representative, were very pleased at the Board selection, and rightly so. I am positive Trustee Howe will bring a solid commitment to do her best as our new Area 2 Trustee. Welcome.

But, the bone I have to pick with our school board is not that it did not select an over qualified, two times U.S. Senate appointee and perhaps the highest ranking Veteran we have the honor to call our newest resident in our city, but that Major General  Regua was not asked to remain and accept on behalf of all our veterans Resolution 15/16-23 “In Honor of our Veterans”.

Ironic and disappointing that knowing that such resolution was on the agenda to thank and recognize the resolve of our men and women in uniform, the MUSD School Board did not properly thank Maj. Gen. Regua for his service and did not take the opportunity to acknowledge him by presenting him with such Resolution. Instead, the Maj. General was dismissed and thanked for applying for the job.

I am offended as a citizen perhaps even more since I have a son serving in the military. This is not an overlook, but a just plain disregard from our leaders at the School Board, lack of sensitivity and of much of status quo. Being tired for a long day work and wanting to go home is not an excuse.

Furthermore, the fact that a Resolution was being presented to our Veterans Tuesday night by the Board, it was more than appropriate to ask Maj. Gen. Regua to stay on to receive and acknowledge it on behalf of all our veterans. I asked the Board to reach back to the Maj. Gen. Regua to apologize for its unacceptable behavior. The night could have been filled with honor and pride, but instead it ended up clouded.

Major General Eldon Regua, thank you for 36-year career in our military and for leading our kids to victories and self-accomplishments. My son would have been honored to serve under your command.

Now, let’s all remember Election 2016. Five out of seven seats on our school board are up for reelection. I hope I see veterans running to become our newest trustees because our children still need you and our school district can definitely use your leadership.    

Al Moncada