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Disliked cartoon with Obama on dead elephant
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
First my sympathy to Mr. and Mrs. Palmer — how proud they must be of their beloved son.  Also I agree about the railroad tracks. Most cities have solved this problem by building over passes or underpasses.
However, I am writing to protest the cartoon showing a triumphant past president standing gleefully on a dead wooly mammoth which I guess is the Republican Party. 
First, no president, past or present should be gleeful at destroying either the Republican or Democrat Party.  I do not think it dignifies past President Obama in any way at all and if I were him I would complain about it!  Our politicians of either persuasion should be an example for us — a good example.  I would say this if it were showing past President Bush standing triumphantly on top of a very dead donkey!!  Do we want single party politics?  If we do, we are certifiably insane!  We need the push and pull of a multi-party system, it keeps us closer to the center than a single party country would and that is a good thing, like it or not!  

Marie Evans