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Do something already: Stop Obama Care
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Editor, Manteca, Bulletin,
OK — I confess I’m old enough to still enjoy reading the paper; and I’m pretty regular about it.  So I can authoritatively say that almost every day, this page of this paper is occupied with the latest salvo in the never-ending back and forth blather about which of the major political parties is the greater of two evils.  Over the years it has gone from interesting to amusing to tedious to frustrating.  I say frustrating because this narrow-minded verbal sparring is equivalent to those e-mail forwards that always conclude with, “if you feel this way too, keep this chain going.”  Sure, maybe reading it fires you and your like-minded friends up, but after a while you cool off and go back to doing just what you’ve always done…nothing.

While Larry and Karen and Scott, etc. are fiddling, Rome is burning.  In just seven short months of power our Socialist-in-Chief has taken over of major portions of the home loan/banking system, the automobile industry, and is even now attempting to rewrite and control nationwide energy production and dictate our health care.  What will our country look like after 48 months of this type of “change”?  At the state level, our cruel joke of a state legislature has made California into a pitiful laughingstock.  They’ve spent us into oblivion, called it our fault by raising our taxes, and now have the nerve to smile and preen in front of the cameras, claiming success on a budget deal that calls for the theft of billions of tax dollars that by law should be going to city and county governments.

Although the halls of government are currently dominated by Democrats, the Republicans (the presumed “opposition” party) are just as much to blame for our woes.  For years they’ve been unable to articulate, let alone advance a conservative agenda.  Their many years trying to be “moderate” and to “get along” have given them such a weak stomach for political combat that they’ve been reduced to a collection of simpering, ineffective movie critics - full of criticisms, but unable to produce anything of their own.  George W. Bush paved the way for Obama with his own massive expansions of government spending and ‘globalist” doctrines and the Republican Party practically handed the election to Obama by running an older and slower clone of George W. against him.

There is not a dime’s worth of difference anymore between the major political parties.  Both are bought and paid for by monied interests and the purveyors of dependency, and neither gives a wit about defending (or even abiding by) the U.S. Constitution, the founding document they have all supposedly sworn to uphold.

The time for talk is over.  We have to begin now to reclaim our government, while it still bears some resemblance to the one we’ve inherited from generations past.  It was founded on solid principles of individual liberty and responsibility and is well worth fighting to preserve.

Start by contacting your state and federal representatives.  They are easy to find using “find your representative” in any internet search engine.  Tell them exactly what you think about what’s going on and request them to vote accordingly.  It was floods of calls and emails that stopped congress’s illegal immigrant amnesty proposal a few years ago.  We can do the same to stop “Obama Care” if we act quickly.

In the next election, vote against every running incumbent.  What have any of them done to deserve “another term?”  Forget the D or R in front of their names and forget whether they’re “your guy” or not.  It is time for a clean sweep, and only the threat of loss of their power will get their attention.  Pay attention to their voting record and be willing to do it again next time if they fail to uphold Constitutional values.

In a representative republic such as ours, we get the government we deserve.  If you don’t like what you currently see, then stop the talking and start doing.
 Ken Ross
July 22, 2009