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Do the right thing and celebrate 4th on July Fourth
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Louie J. Parra’s “News Flash” about all the inter-party bickering and finger pointing is a step in the right direction, and his closing thought about directing energy toward “fixing things instead of continuously blaming the other guy” is solid. Nevertheless elections, parties and votes determine only which political operative will hold an office which functions as the conspicuous place to focus attention for praise or blame while the powerfully invisible which pay for senators, congressmen and presidents are free to do business un-noticed.  Instead of wasting time and energy in placing the blame on political operatives, it’s high time to water the tree of liberty!  

The last honestly great president was George Washington.  Lincoln too was great, however in a different way.  All the others were more or less paying the pipers.  Now, I wonder how many really know why John F. Kennedy was assassinated?  It was all about oil.  First he openly worked toward ending the oil depletion allowance (stating that he saw no credible reason why oil companies should not pay taxes) and finally he wanted no Asian war “not for all the oil in the Tonkin Gulf!”  Yes, Vietnam was an oil war; all those years the off-shore drilling and pumping was being carried out to the maximum with unimpeded profits!  The only cost was blood.  To this day, there have been no reparations for the millions of barrels stolen.  History books still refer to the Tonkin Gulf “incident” as the reason for the Vietnam War while never breathing a word about oil.  But I digress.  As long as America allows itself to de dictated to by economic rationalization instead of common sense, we will never get what’s right but only a miserable compromise explained away by those that benefit the most.  Where are the volunteers willing to work for straight-time or even free on Independence Day, July 4th?

There is still more than enough time to do the right thing here!  My fellow Mantecans, we will be a laughing stock if we carry out this idiotic July 3rd scheme!  The news will go out all across the nation!  Manteca, California too cheap to honor the great American holiday!  This must not happen.  We can make it work by volunteering in the spirit of ‘76!  All of our veterans will be proud that we didn’t take the fast talking explanation of bureaucrats but made it work on the fourth of July, by God!  We’re all determined to celebrate on the 4th anyway, why not take whatever steps are necessary to assuage the bean counters so Manteca doesn’t have to face ridicule for its misplaced priorities?
 Steven J. Catalano
June 10, 2009