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Dodge Ball raises $344 for Second Harvest Food Bank
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The East Union High School KIWINS service club just completed a service project to benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank, and we have many people to thank. Our project was a Dodge Ball Tournament open to East Union students and staff. As far as we know, our dodge ball tournament was a first in this community. We raised $344 for Second Harvest Food Bank through tournament entry fees, and donations at the door.

We wish to thank Ben Cantu and Jim Stone from our sponsoring club, the Manteca Kiwanis. They helped referee the tournament matches. Eryn Bowers, Willie Herrera, Jr., and Carlos Herrera from the East Union faculty also served as referees and cheerleaders. Counselor Lori Jackson played on the winning team in the tournament.
Every player in the tournament, and the officials named above received a commemorative tee shirt. Dyanne Schneider from Tinnin Tees designed the tee shirts and donated them to the tournament at cost. Carole and Scott Reed of Regal Signs donated engraved medals for the first place team, and ribbons for the second and third place teams. Ms. Kayla Keys, a senior at East Union, minded the entrance to the Dalben Center and collected a $1 donation or two cans of food from spectators at the tournament.

Finally we want to thank the 40 students on five teams whose enthusiasm and willingness to try something new made everything possible. They seemed to have a good time, got lots of exercise, and helped us complete our project. The winning team was led by Dakota Anderson, and was undefeated in the tournament. Team members are Gavin Garcia, Marshall Swift, Dylan Goodwin, Tyler Ward, Lori Jackson, Brittany Treat, and Larry Molina.

The second place team was led by Steven McKnight with assistance from Zak Lewallen, Justin Dias, Colby Seibel, and Gabby Molina. The third place team was led by Jorge Saldate with support from Martin Soto, Juan Vazquez, Alberto Solario, Juan Palomera, Nonie Vazquez, Miguel Castenada, Stephanie Cardenas, and Jose Villasenor.

Edward Ramos led another team with help from Miguel Plata, Kevin Chaney, Dante Barrera, Breanna Avila, Will Cheung, Mickey Lee, Brianna Ramos, Ramon Solorio, and Chris Scogna. Finally Carin Martz assisted by Venassa Rodriguez, Jake Taylor, Alex Tenchiera, Horst Bauer, Hector Chavrin, Austen Madson, and Ron Croslin led a team from JROTC.

If we left anyone out, or misspelled a name we sincerely apologize.
Susan Zaca, KIWINS President
Herb Danielsen, Advisor
March 17, 2009