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Dog droppings and the lack of respect
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I want all owners of dogs that walk them to know that I reside on Mission Ridge Drive. Therefore, my comments and observation are actual representations of what is occurring on Mission Ridge Drive. My wife and I frequently walk on Mission Ridge Drive, South Union and Wawona Street. During those walks, we encounter dog droppings that we have to step over, go around, dodge, and continue to watch for on the sidewalk, in the streets, at the entrance of our driveway, on our lawn, and in bike lanes.

Apparently, Mission Ridge Drive is the street of choice for dog walkers to walk their dogs. Apparently, they think that relieves them of their responsibility to pick up dog droppings from their sidewalks, streets and driveways because the dogs are not defecating in front of their neighbors’ homes. We have personally observed a dog owner allowing her dog to defecate on the sidewalk, a couple times during the morning but most times it occurs in the late evening and at night. But what I have not observed is dog owners picking up after their dogs.

Therefore, my request is that all dog walkers pick up after their dogs regardless of what street they walk their dog on. You need to be as concerned about the appearance of your neighborhood as you do yours Moreover, if they do not want their dogs to defecate in their neighborhood - or sidewalks, driveways, lawns, streets, etc - realize that we do not want it in ours, either.


Robert Fennell


March 22, 2013