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Dont blame him, he voted Republican
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

In June 2010, Mr. Baca made the following comment in a letter to the editor, “So if you want to go back to the good old Bush years, then go ahead and vote that way.  Me, I remember what it was like and I don’t care to go back, do you?”  In Thursday’s letter to the editor, Mr. Baca is still trying to convince people that the Democrats’ philosophies will make this country whole again.  On Tuesday there was an astounding message sent to the politicians, the country wants conservative Republican values also known as the good old days of the Bush years.

After the 2006 election, Ms. Pelosi and her fellow Democrats stated that they had a mandate to take the country in a new direction.  How do you like what the Democrats have accomplished?  One year after the Democrats gained complete control over Congress, this country started moving downhill.  Remember, the unemployment rate was in the 5% to 6% range and bureaucrats like the EPA were somewhat under control.  The Democrats blamed Mr. Bush for all of America’s problems and they still blame him.  Whenever a bump in a positive direction happens, the Democrats take full credit.  Whenever a negative bump happens, they blame Mr. Bush or outside influences.  Prior to 2006, the Democrats in Congress claimed that Mr. Bush’s policies were going in the wrong direction, so under Ms. Pelosi’s leadership, they changed the direction of  his country and the rest, as they say, “is history”.  In 2010, the electorate realized the direction that Democrats were taking this country, they quickly started to change course by voting Republican, except in California.  In 2004, Wisconsin was mostly Republican.  In 2008, Wisconsin became very strongly Democratic.  In 2010 the state became Republican again and Scott Walker started to make changes to save cities and bring jobs back to their state.  Wisconsin is now in better financial shape, whereas California is in worst financial shape than in 2010.  On Tuesday, San Diego and San Jose voted overwhelming to curb the Union’s ability to rob the tax payer. 

The City of Stockton is a great example of unions, liberals and Democrats influence in politics.  Mr. Baca credits Obama and the Democrats with saving millions of jobs and creating millions more.  My question to him is: if the Democrats can turn the tide in job losses during the depth of the recession, why couldn’t they bring in millions upon millions more jobs when the recession ended? 

In late 2006 through early 2007, Mr. Baca and I argued back and forth about the future of this country.  He stated that if this country remained under Republican control, there was going to be “doom and gloom” but if the country falls under the Democrats, prosperity awaits us.  I argued it would be the other way around.  I ask you, do you want to go back to the “failed” policies of Mr. Bush or remain going in the same direction we have been heading for the last six years under the Democrats?  The philosophies of the Democrats are tax, spend, and then tax some more. If you like the level of job creation, rules and regulations by bureaucrats, and the financial state of our cities, vote Democratic.  If you have not liked the last six years, don’t blame me, I voted Republican.

Scott McComas
June 6, 2012