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Dont blame trucks for bad roads
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I have seen several complaints lately about the truck traffic on Lathrop Road and also Airport road and I feel the need to comment. First off the statement of trucks destroying the roads is not exactly accurate, the fact is the City is not maintaining many of the roads throughout Manteca and Lathrop as they should and that is why they are in such poor condition.
Lathrop Road is a main corridor on the outskirts of our city that connects Highway 99 and I-5 with many businesses along this road including a rockery, a major grocery store and strip malls, a cement manufacturing Company, a large food processing company and oh guess what a major trucking company (UPS). Oh and Highway 99 has a brand new huge interchange that appears to have had trucks in mind when it was designed.
Airport road has also been mentioned and that is also a major artery leading to many businesses along that corridor.
If the trucks are cutting thru residential streets with no business being there that is another issue and should be addressed but when they are using these major arteries to reach a place of business and there are plenty along both routes with many new ones coming in the near future that is another.
If you’ve stuck with me this far I would ask you stop and look around, look at your furniture, your living space, everything within your home including your home and even this news paper. At one time or another everything you can touch, see or eat was transported on a truck. Trucks are the life blood of our city and our nation, without them picking up and delivering goods this world as we know it would come to an end.
I am a long time Manteca resident and have been in the trucking industry my entire adult life and have seen what obstacles different cities have placed in front of trucking companies making it almost impossible to reach their destinations without major detours or citations. So before we as a city make an already challenging occupation even more challenging let’s open our eyes, look around and make some intelligent choices. Trucks are not the problem they are a necessity. What we need to do is repair and properly maintain our roads.

Phil Rankin