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Dont expect rough time for Madoff
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Bernie Madoff will very likely follow in the same dubious steps as other super rich criminals that have lived in luxury while in prison; many mafia chiefs (which had only a fraction of what Madoff has) were able to bribe wardens and guards so lavishly that their accommodations were very unprison-like at all.  Including specially prepared food and delicacies, plushy furnishings, alcohol and drugs, women and every extra privilege imaginable; anything money can buy.  

The only way to ensure that this won’t happen is to have Madoff under virtually constant surveillance.  And even then it would be possible using modern technology to get away with it.  This is why the wrong message is being sent to the super rich that may be tempted to try a ponzi scheme (and are actually even at this moment perpetrating this kind of crime).  They aren’t afraid.  Therefore, the punishment should be that the convicted perpetrator(s) be handed over to the victims.  This is the only thing that would scare the super rich.  After a few multi billionaires are kicked to death or slow roasted alive over a low fire, the super rich would have something to fear which possibly may give them pause before ever trying such a stunt as Madoff did.  This politically correct, permissive society is getting just exactly what it deserves!  When America finds its courage again maybe common sense will feel free to come out of hiding.
Steven J. Catalano
Manteca, USA