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Educate Manetcans on how to trim trees
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
As the daughter of a “tree surgeon”, who worked on a wide variety of trees, trimming them differently, each variety in its own way, I have a problem.
I notice every year that many people in Manteca just take chain saws and whack off branches wildly-nilly, with little or no knowledge of what they’re doing. Hence, we have the “sling-shot” look, with large, flat stumps attached to trunks. This forces the tree to sprout small, unhealthy branches that struggle to grow, but give the tree a scrawny look.
If this is indeed an award winning tree community, we need some education on how to trim trees.
They add value to homes, shade in the summer, beauty to landscapes, and contribute to the environment.
Let’s work on this!

Judy Karnes