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Eleven SSJID lineman not even to serve Manteca area
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Regardless of a “15% across the board reduction”, corporate jets, or even that the South San Joaquin Irrigation District board board seems to walk on water according to Dennis Wyatt, all of this will ultimately come down to one thing in the end.

SSJID’s plans to only have eleven linemen to service the entire area of Manteca, Escalon and Ripon will most certainly be a major problem come the dead of winter and they are trying to keep the power on during high winds/storms. Everyone who is supporting this change must remember one thing, regardless of the one-sided journalism that Dennis Wyatt always provides when he has made the decision of what’s right or wrong, you get what you pay for! I do not like high rates, anymore than the next person. But you pay cheap, you run the gamble of inadequate service. Yes SSJID says they will be hiring the same linemen from local union 1245  that PG&E currently employees, but again, 11 linemen will not be enough. And I guess for those of you that are supporting this, when you’re setting in your kitchen on the second or third day of no power and freezing temps outside, you can always pull out your recent SSJID bill and marvel at the savings you’re getting.
Lynn Allen
Sept. 11, 2009