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Entitlement mentality keeps spreading
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
James Simoni responded to my criticism about the views he has submitted to your newspaper in the way I thought he would.

There was lots of name calling and not many facts to back his accusations. Now I deeply respect all the men and women that have served our country. It just confuses me how any veteran can stand behind the last Republican presidents that we have had. First Bush Sr. took us to war with Iraq. It was necessary, but he did not finish the job, forcing his son to complete the job years later. Bush Jr. pulls out of Afghanistan prior to the job being completed, forcing Obama to have to increase the troops once again to finish the job. I am not for war if it can be avoided, but I am truly against not finishing something that is started. Americans died in these wars. If the goal is not achieved, this might mean that they gave their life for nothing.

 I did not vote for Bush, but I stood behind him his entire term. The Iraq war may or may not have been necessary, but it is hard to deny a person the chance of Freedom. It may take the Iraqi people a while to realize the joys of Freedom; we all know the price of it.

Our lives are changing and we are watching people struggle and the government try to step in and help. I keep hearing people ask what is in the stimulus package for them. We cannot sit around trying to figure out what is in it for “me”. We have to figure out what is in it for our country overall. We have to study the package and learn where we can benefit from it.

There are opportunities in it that many common people might be able to take advantage of. We keep reading these stories about how it was either the Republicans’ or Democrats’ fault for everything bad that has happened in our Country. We Americans, both Democrat and Republicans, did this to ourselves. Some people have to look no further than themselves as to where the problem lies. I am not certain at what point we as a country lost our pride in hard work, a handshake, integrity and humanity. We have failed to take any responsibility. It breaks my heart to see the American Dream fade and an unbridled sense of entitlement spread.
Scott McAllaster
March 11, 2009