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Every state needs to enforce laws on illegal aliens
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin.
Once again Larry Baca is on his Republican bashing roll.  If he would spend some of his intelligence on coming up with solutions to keep our manufacturing, small/large businesses from leaving the state and nation and present them to the worthless bunch of elected officials who are alledgedly running our state and nation, we might get this country back on track.  

When was the last time you purchased anything (clothing, shoes, appliances, building supplies, even vehicles) that says “Made in America”?  His opinion on illegal immigrants failed to mention the Eastern Europeans, Middle Eastern, Asian and African illegals who are here in our country and that are subject to the Arizona law.  

Every state in our nation needs to step we enforcement at all levels.  The money that we are spending on these individuals while they are in this country illegally is most likely astounding.  It would be better spent on Education, Health Care and creation of jobs for the citizens of our nation.  Regardless of which side of the fence you are standing on, only one thing counts and that is getting our country back on its feet.
 AP Smith
April 29, 2010