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Excessively tall flag pole latest church violation
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Throughout the years since the Sikh church has opened at Airport Way and Woodward Avenue  there have been so many property and zoning violations stemming from the location that they are just too numerous to mention anymore.  Only on a very rare occasion does any law enforcement even respond, much less follow through on the complaints.  I am not the only one doing the complaining either. But to no avail.

However, today I cannot keep silent any longer.  They erected a flag pole on the premises that I have been told by county officials is too tall.  Today they finally put up a flag.  Was it an American flag?  Was there an American flag to be seen anywhere on the pole?  No.

This flag pole is the tallest thing for many miles around.  All one can see from the freeway or anywhere else in the vicinity is their sect’s flag, not the American flag.

We have had so many problems with overnight, and longer, trucking employees who park their 18 wheelers adjacent to our property on the northwest side of Airport.  The site is a hostel of sorts, housing guests of their belief.  Now they have an enclosed secure parking area on their property where they should park their guests’ trucks.  But they never utilize it.

To further complicate the problem, whenever I call to file a complaint, I never know which entity is going to respond: City, county or Highway Patrol.  And, to be blunt, they are reluctant, at the very least, to do anything, unfortunately.  And, because the property currently lies in the county, although ‘pre-zoned’ to the city of Manteca, most often my call is deferred to someone else.  So I spend the day on the phone without any resolve.  And, then all I get is voicemail, as there is no one there to answer the call.  Now, bear in mind that I am a very persistent individual.  I keep calling and calling and calling.  But nothing.

If any one entity wants to come into the United States and erect a building, calling it a place of worship, they are governed by the laws of the land.  Being a place of worship only allows for tax benefits, not ignorance of the laws.  But, as has been the case, they have been allowed to violate so many of our city, county and state codes, it isn’t even funny anymore.  And, it goes beyond just the building department.  Various departments, such as weed abatement, fireworks, huge group meeting events, burning without permits, etc. have been involved, but nothing is done about it.  Initially the reason they did what they did was because they were ‘unaware’

When they first applied to whatever agency they chose at the time, I am sure an impact study was ultimately conducted.  I have not been able to secure a copy of any studies done on this site to date.  Yet, the impact to the surrounding areas has been tremendous.  To the extent of endangering our property and our safety by the continued presence of their 18 wheelers and the damage they do by parking long term.

Leanne Magincalda
Oct. 22, 2012