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Fact checking Larry Bacas letter
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Editor, Manteca, Bulletin,

Larry Baca has had a rough time since Donald Trump won the election. 

I could feel the rage from the beginning to the end of the letter posted from him in Saturday’s Manteca Bulletin.  Larry was defensive with his usual attack on all those who oppose him.  He accused two other letter writers of hypocrisy in their opinion to the paper.  He first attacked Peter Vadasz’ letter just because Peter pointed out all the good Donald Trump is doing to save American jobs while not being president yet.  It was strange for Larry to call Peter a hypocrite stating, Peter “doesn’t mention the fact that Carrier was the recipient of $7 million in tax incentives.”   

I had to laugh since it was President Obama who spent billions of incentives when the government took over General Motors and the Democrats and Obama doled out billions of tax dollars in “shovel ready jobs” that were not so shovel ready.  Most of the money went to lobbyists.  Larry also fails to mention the ten trillion dollars was added to the national debt under Obama and the millions of Americans who have no job and are not even counted in our unemployment figures since they have given up looking for work.  Larry will throw insults to anyone who threatens Obama’s legacy.  I am sure it will be a matter of time before I am on his hit list of those to insult.  

Next, Larry calls Amy Sullivan a hypocrite for her letter to the Bulletin asking Larry to tone down the insults.  Instead of Larry accepting friendly advice, he excuses his demeaning comment and accuses Amy of also being a hypocrite pointing to his nemesis, Frank Aquila, with a statement that were taken out of context.  One example was Larry stating Frank stated, “anyone who opposed Trump “Must not be American” and should “Go back to their own country.”  The good thing about the Manteca Bulletin is that the letters are archived for people to review.  I went back to see that Frank did not make this statement.  (From November 28, 2016 letter by Frank Aquila, “Crybabies got Trumped”)  Frank wrote, “The cry babies are protesting in the street stating that Donald Trump is not their president.  I have to say to those crybabies if Donald Trump is not your president you should go to the country that you recognize and hail your president there.  Donald Trump is our president just as much as Barack Obama was president for the 60 million who voted against him.”

Larry, it is you who is being hypocritical.  You are writing in the paper one thing and yet misrepresenting the people you are accusing.  This is the reason so many readers of the paper have turned against you.  All was fine when Obama was president; but now you are making a jackass out of yourself since Donald Trump is president.  I really believe Larry has blown a head gasket and should try some deep breathing exercises to recover from his own temper tantrum.   In the future, it would be best to be truthful with your opinion and accusations of hypocrisy since there are many ways for the readers of the paper to discover the real truth.

Robert Blanch