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Family: Rob Cox a hero, not murderer
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Yes, Rob Cox is my son-in-law, the husband of my daughter Julie, the father of two of my six grandchildren, a credentialed minister, Staff Pastor at Place of Refuge Church, my right arm in the annual Memorial Day event at Woodward, and my hero. 

Were it not for his quick and decisive response to a totally unprovoked attack in Vegas, nearly one year ago, he or one of my family members or a student would have possibly been killed. When a person – in this case a 6-foot-8, 360-pound man – attacks you, threatens to kill you, knocks unconscious one of your students, and hits you in the face, all with no warning, the “Stand Your Ground” law comes into full play. 

It’s tragic by any measure, a man is dead. But there is no one to blame for this senseless death except for the attacker, who by the way had six shots and two beers in the space of 30 minutes. The group was in the restaurant side of the building the entire evening and no one had anything to drink except soft drinks. It all came down in less than 30 seconds, according to the security video. 

Rob should be given a community award for heroism. Instead Vegas DA issues a no-bail warrant: “Fugitive from the law, premeditated murder with malice.” Lies, all lies. What drives this? Political? The DA is running for office. Christian/pastor bias? Let’s make an example of this pastor. Family connections to the police or DA? There is clear evidence to that possibility. After more than $100,000 spent, grief, embarrassment, suffering, and the prospect of a full blown jury trial, one can only pray common sense and truth will save the day. I appreciated the prayers and support of our amazing community and church.


Pastor Mike Dillman