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Father McFalls out of tune
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Fr. Dean McFalls usually does a good job of explaining Christian values. But last Saturday he seemed out of tune.

He chose to write critically and even judgmentally of Edward Kennedy on the very day of his funeral, a day when many of his fellow Christians and fellow Americans were deeply inspired by his funeral service; by the constant message of love and repentance and  salvation; by the gracious blessing of Pope Benedict as Senator Kennedy was laid to rest at Arlington in the evening.
Most puzzling of all, from the point of view of Scriptures and theology and even logic  were Fr. McFalls’ last two sentences:   

“I wish he had taken his Catholic faith one step farther.

Then I could pray, with greater confidence, ‘May his soul rest in peace.’”
Roger Falge
Sept. 1, 2009