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Favors gun rights but not assault weapons
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I have been a lifelong supporter of the Second Amendment. But after National Rifle Association leader Wayne LaPierre said in an interview about how the media loves nothing better than to show a white mother crying about her children being killed at school it has given me pause.
No reporter ever wants to interview any mother who has had a child gunned down in a rampage at school or anywhere else.
He is the biggest piece of filth I have ever seen in my life.
If you vote, ask your representative if they take money from the NRA. If so vote the scum out of office. If you don’t vote, sign up to vote. If you don’t the next child killed could be yours or your grandchild.
If we as a nation refuse to stand up to senseless violence we are doomed to face it more and more.
I want to openly state I believe everyone has a right to own a firearm if they are an adult and are mentally stable. But there is no need to own a military style weapon. You can’t hunt with an AR-15 type of weapon. You can’t defend yourself with one as you’d hit too many innocent bystanders. They are only good for killing large numbers of humans.
Bill Cox