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Firefighters, Applebees & community delivers for kids
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Give Every Child A Chance was proud to have once again been chosen by the Firefighters of Manteca as the recipients of their latest fundraiser, Tip a Fireman.

This year’s Tip a Fireman was more successful than we dared to dream. There were more firemen in attendance than ever before, and thanks to the efforts of the Firemen, Applebee’s, and this wonderful community, Manteca’s Bravest raised $1,163.52 in tips for the Give Every Child A Chance programs. The generosity of the community in such tough economic times is overwhelming.

As always it was an evening of fantastic food, unbelievable service and incredible fun, all provided by Manteca’s Bravest, the Firefighters (under the guidance of the waiters and waitresses on Applebee’s staff who were also wonderful and supportive of this event.)

The participating firemen; as well as the working waiters and waitresses, were amazing. They took our orders efficiently and with huge smiles. They made sure we received our beverages quickly and when the meals were ready, it was not uncommon to have a few of the firemen deliver the food. They flirted, listened, and simply gave the impression they were having a wonderful time serving us. Of course, the waiters and waitresses on Applebee’s staff were similarly as wonderful and supportive of this event.

In appreciation of the good time they experienced at Applebee’s, customers very generously made a donation to the fireman at the door holding his boot.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Give Every Child A Chance, and all the children who will benefit from this contribution to our program, I want to thank the Firefighters Local #1874 IIAF, Chief Waters, Chief Davis, the Firefighter Reserves, and Applebee’s Manager for arranging this tremendous fundraiser, and the waiters and waitresses at Applebee’s for their generous contributing to our program.

Carol Davis
President /CEO
Give Every Child A Chance
Sept. 1, 2012