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Fireworks: Hernandez does nothing
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

It amazes me that the illegal fireworks issue has pretty much been put to rest once again.  Vince Hernandez decided after 10 years or so on the Manteca City Council that he was going to do something about it a couple of months back. It seems it’s been swept under the carpet once again, as it has always been. 

The subject will once again be an issue when it all starts up again next May through the end of July when the morons are back on the streets lighting that crap off  just like this past year.  This last Saturday night (Sept. 19), was pretty much a 4th of July celebration once again.  For about three hours all I heard was explosives going off in the area surrounding the Boys and Girls club about 3 blocks from where I live.  You would think that by all this happening that close to the police station on Center Street that the perpetrators would be caught by the police, but once again, the police didn’t show up.  This issue will most likely never be put to rest with people like Vince Hernandez, Mayor Steve DeBrum, and the rest of the good ol’ boy club at city hall.  Guess we will have to take a wait and see attitude as always.  Maybe the issue will come up again next July, you think?

 Fred Neeleman