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Fireworks should not be legalized in city
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Let me first introduce myself to you. I am a veteran of WWII. I enlisted in the United States Navy prior to WWII. I served on the Lexington aircraft carrier, flying dive bombers. As you may remember, we pulled out of Pearl Harbor several days prior to the bombing, so we were able to fight back. I am proud to have served my country, and I am very patriotic.

This being said, I am concerned with legalizing fireworks for the 4th of July for another four years. Since I’m handicapped, I cannot attend the council meetings in person.

I believe that they cause more harm than good. I spent $15,000 on a new fireproof roof for my house. I had wood “shake” prior to this new roof. The wooden shingles I had were probably good for another five years, but I couldn’t take the risk of losing my house due to idiots being careless with their illegal fireworks. I have had fireworks land in my yard before, and I don’t want it to happen again.

I remember when they voted the last time to legalize fireworks for four years. The fire chief approved it, seemingly without regard or concern for homes with wooden shingles. They go around each year looking in back yards for fire hazards, but seem to ignore homes with wooden shingles or wooden fences. These, too, are fire hazards when it comes to legalizing fireworks. I thought the Fire Department is supposed to look after the safety of all homeowners?

 I now have two houses on both sides of me, within 10 feet of my house. They all have wooden shingles. If they catch fire, it could still jeopardize my home, and the precautions I have taken would be in vain.

Manteca has their own yearly fireworks display. Shouldn’t that be enough for the residents of this town? In regards to the size of Manteca, legalizing fireworks now would make it unsafe for the rest of us.

People keep bringing up the profit that Manteca makes in regards to the sale of fireworks. I used to belong to a club, and we raised money through raffle tickets. Local Girl Scouts raise money through the sale of their cookies, which I support 100%. Couldn’t we find another, safer way to raise money for Manteca?

 I believe we really need to stop this insane idea of legalizing fireworks in this town. Fireworks are illegal. They should not be legalized! To me, the idea is crazy!

Will the council see this when they vote on this issue again in the near future?

Thank you for your time and your concern.

John Liska
April 6, 2009