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Fireworks still nightly occurrence in Manteca
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It’s now almost a month after the 4th of July and still my neighborhood as well as many others throughout Manteca still sound like we are in a war zone.

The Citywide neighborhood watch Facebook group that I am a member of just tonight alone has reported hearing booms and bangs from neighborhoods that are not even near each other. From Northgate to Villa Ticino to Sequoia and El Portal all within the same 20 minute time period. This usually occurs anywhere between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. This is a regular occurrence. We have reported this to the police numerous times however by the time Manteca Police Department arrives they are long gone. We get told that unless MPD sees it there is nothing they can do. Will you please see of you can get the police chief’s perspective on this and what else we can do to stop this. 


This wakes up children, scares animals and really makes everyone else on edge and angry. As a citizen of Manteca I am concerned that not only is there a possibility of someone being injured, but also the higher possibility of fire due to the drought and not to mention citizens who may feel they have to take matters in to their own hands.


Julie Beer