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Frank Aquila doesnt know his American history
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Once again Frank Aquila has shown he doesn’t know his American history. Francis Scott Key was not a lawyer for the colonies and not involved in the revolutionary war. Mr. Aquila did get one fact right, Mr. Key did write the words but he had the wrong war, and the circumstances that he mentioned were totally fabricated. Once again I suspect he hit the internet without checking his facts.

In reality it was the War of 1812 that occurred. Mr. Aquila did get this part correct:” and in the morning he saw the flag still standing”. The rest of the story about men and fathers dying to hold up a shattered flagpole is more fabrication, as was the purported conversation between Mr. Key and the British admiral. Actually, 95% of the story is a fabrication. I would suggest a trip to the library for some research before being embarrassed for spouting such imaginary stories.

Mr. Aquila is usually like this. One fact correct, but the rest of the story wrong. I know it’s not the editors’ job to fact check opinions, but it should be, especially when the source is known to be confused with truth telling.   

Jim Kimmons
June 28, 2009