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Future of health care frightening for couple
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Kaiser Permanente has recently afforded my wife Sandy and I the opportunity to glimpse the future of health care in the good old US of A.

On March 30 of 2011, Sandy injured her back which has rendered her unable to sit or stand for more than 20 to 30 minutes, or sleep anywhere but on a hard floor. The pain has been excruciating and the sense of hopelessness complete. Kaiser has faithfully demonstrated that the almighty dollar is king and that any measures to save will be utilized. Through their often confusing, disorganized system we have been misled, rationed care, and outright ignored in our efforts to bring her some relief. Ironically, before this incident we would have testified that Kaiser was convenient and caring. This is true-as long as you don’t need any serious care. Apparently the only way to obtain any satisfaction is to have her transported by ambulance to the hospital emergency room where, hopefully, something might be done.

We have documented all of the misstatements, conflicting statements, wasted trips, and outright disregard for her circumstances in case something unspeakable should happen (which we believe they would prefer). Thanks for letting us vent and woe to those who may actually need any serious medical attention in the future.


Herb & Sandy  Vochatzer
June 2, 2011