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Give CVB funds to veterans effort
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

The Manteca Council should be ashamed of insisting on loaning the VFW Post 6311 the money to furnish the new Veterans Center on Moffat Boulevard

I asked the council to forgo the loan and just give this amount to the veterans. I was unaware of the city rules of loaning money to organizations. City Manager Karen McLaughlin said that the city must collect interest on this loan.

Isn’t it great that the council has supported the Manteca Convention and Visitors Bureau for a number of years in just giving them over $100,000 plus a year. This Bureau has received a free hefty donation and has never performed tangible services for this city. I believe this on-going donation sought annually by this Bureau should be terminated. It is apparent that the city has rules to follow on bonus buck usage and must collect interest on any loan to the veterans.

Since there doesn’t seem to be any rules applied to the money the Council donates to the CVB, I suggest terminating this award and giving it to the VFW, to pay for all furnishings and allow them some start-up money. The CVB received cash based on performance that never transpired, the veterans have already performed with great sacrifices. I also propose the VFW building sold to the veterans for $1. By terminating the fee to the CVB, this building would be paid for shortly.  The first payment saving would be the donation to the VFW. This city should take the initiative to support our VFW members. Members such as Dave Bricker, Carlon Perry and others were some of the lucky ones who survived, others didn’t make it. The way I see it, these veterans performed for us and it is time we performed for them.

Fleener Richards