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Give Manteca High a chance, youll be surprised
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I am responding to the article in the Manteca Bulletin and Joni Costa's concerns regarding their request to have their daughter attend East Union rather than Manteca High. My husband and I have felt the same as we attended parochial schools, did not grow up in the Central Valley and were concerned with Manteca High but unfortunately were unable to have our children attend parochial schools.

Not being from the Central Valley and living out of state, we too were contemplating on our children attending Manteca High as we have heard contradicting reports that it is not a great school environment as well as it is a great school. Our concerns have diminished. Our freshman who attended Spanish at Manteca High in eighth grade and currently is enrolled attending honors classes as well an athlete enjoys the teachers and students of Manteca High.

I am suggesting that the Costa's attend the Freshman Parents night as well as see when the next class of eighth graders are going to visit the school. We were surprised to see that last year Manteca High was ranked in scoring the highest in Math compared to East Union, Sierra High and Lathrop High! I would also like to inform the family that we have had wonderful communications with the staff and teachers at Manteca High.

What I can say is, as I was told while growing up in Catholic schools is to not always judge a book by its cover or reviews of others as one should investigate for themselves when making decisions. All of the high schools in Manteca have had issues and it is up to us as parents to mold and guide our children with making the right decisions and doing their utmost best in school and within their community and not to be just average.

I am not a fan of home schooling as I believe that children loose sense of when they stand from other classmates. Only a small percent of children will learn through homeschooling that life is not easy and there are obstacles one may have to overcome in college as well as their professional life and traditional schooling is a better choice. Sure they can connect with other home schooled children but it is a completely different environment from high school and college.

Also keep in mind that when your children go off to college they will most likely attend a university in which none of their friends attend therefore going to a different high school will prepare for this.

Dayna Sailing


March 11, 2012