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Give Manteca Police officers a big smile & a thank-you
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I would like to acknowledge the Manteca Police Department. They do a fantastic job. We have great officers and have had great police chiefs. Some people criticize them at times but where are those critics when the weather is cold and damp. Are they in their warm beds sleeping while the police are protecting us? Where are those critics on holidays? Are the critics with their friends and families while the police are working to protect us? Are those critics having to make split second decisions that can save a life whether that life is theirs or a citizens?

Our police are out protecting us round the clock even in bad weather and on holidays!  Our police department has been successful in apprehending several burglars, one in my neighborhood. I am thankful for the job they do. I suggest that next time you see a police officer give that officer a big smile and a thank you.

 Sharon Busser
Jan. 31, 2012