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Going green will cause great economic harm to US
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The doom and gloom predictions are out in force again. Remember when the predictions were for $300 per barrel of oil was all the rage?  Now we have the predictions for over 10% unemployment which will last until after 2010.  Housing prices are predicted to fall some more.  

The Obama White House is predicting a slow recovery that will change very little until after 2011.  Whenever a Republican writer expresses their opinion, there are several Democrats writing to disagree and “prove” their point with unrelated facts and misunderstanding of economic data analysis.  In October and November I started to predict that we were at the bottom of this housing mess, which caused this financial crisis.  I was about 3 months premature in my prediction.  We started to recover in December but the financial crisis hit.  I also stated on Nov. 18, 2009 that the recovery would not be recognized until the second quarter of 2009.  Well here we are in the middle of the second quarter of 2009 and there are many signs that we are starting to recover from the recession.  People are saying that for the past 3 to 4 months the economic signs have shown improvement.  My own trending data shows that in the first week of February we bottomed out and this was the turning point.  There are still several economic indicators that must change, but these indicators are lagging indicators.

This means they will change in a few months.  I think the unemployment rate has peaked and by the end of the fourth quarter of 2009 we will be down to the low 7% range.  This prediction is in stark contrast to the Obama White House prediction as well as the predictions of economist…

… The Democrats have not provided any objective evidence to support their claim that the Republicans caused this mess or that they tried to stop it, while I have provided copious amounts of evidence to prove otherwise.  The point of this letter is to show how America has been misled by the Democrats.  They use unrelated facts strung together by ill conceived logic, doom & gloom predictions that do not come to pass, and personal attacks to silence the Republicans.  I use the facts to guide me towards understanding reality, while the Democrats find snippets of data to prove to themselves that their false concept of reality is true.

The difference between these two philosophies is the difference between solving the problem or exacerbating the problem.  For the past 8 years the Democrats have blamed Mr. Bush for causing the high price of oil because he is from Texas.  The Republicans have tried to drill for more oil to keep the price low.  The Democrats use the “It would take over 3 years before we can get the oil to market so it would have little effect.” and “We cannot produce enough oil to affect the cost.” rational for not drilling.  If America started to drill for oil in 2006 when the Democrats gained control of Congress, we would be seeing gas prices near the $1 per gallon range.  Instead we are now paying $2.50 a gallon, up from $1.25 a gallon.

Going down the “green” path and changing our infrastructure is very expensive.  While America pays the high price for being “green”, the economies in other countries will grow and take jobs from America. This will happen because it will be cheaper to conduct business in those countries than ours.  The Democrats refusal to allow drilling hurt the economy with high gas prices.  The Democrats push for sub-prime loans hurt the banking system.  Now the Democrats are pushing for a “green” economy.  This forced change to “green” will cause even greater harm to America.  We will have 1 to 2 years of prosperity and then we will go down this path again, but with a vengeance unless we change away from the Democratic philosophy.
Scott McComas
May 14, 2009