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Golf course should not pay back city loan
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I read the article on whether the golf course “loan” should be paid back to the City of Manteca General Fund.

Since the City of Manteca did not take “payback” into consideration at the time the “loan” money was given to the Manteca Golf Course, I do not see why they should have to pay that back. They seem to be doing fine on their own.

Both the golf course and Chez Shari do fine as far as business goes and they contribute a lot to the community and to charities. When the city gave “loans” to downtown businesses, they were told they did not have to pay back the money so  they could update their buildings and make downtown more inviting. It may look better but I have yet to stroll down the street to actually see what is there in the 11 years I have lived here.

Keep in mind the city overcharged Chez Shari for the water which has been worked out. Development fees in this town are too high so perhaps that is why the city has to lower the amount developers have to pay.

This town is growing too fast and we need to slow down. A good example is the Orchard Valley Mall. It has buildings that have no tenants in them, so what is up with that? We need to stay within our means The Golf Course should not pay back the money. Mr. Frank Guinta and Mr. Alan Thomas give lots to the place and give door prizes during fundraisers; give them a break.

Connie Finck
March 15, 2012