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Government demonizing others to take over health care
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
It is a sad day when the government in charge can get away with labeling citizens as products of anti government groups or mobs. Just because we are not rolling over and playing dead, while our fearless leaders, once again, ram another government run program down our throats.

It has become an all too familiar pattern. Our benevolent leaders make a living by demonizing and blaming everyone other than themselves. They cause the problems and then they spin it and blame everyone but themselves. First it was the evil oil industry, then the evil financial industry, then the evil credit card industry, then the evil doctors, and now the evil insurance companies.

People are finally asking serious questions about the future of our health care in the USA. It is a topic that will impact the lives of every living person in this country, rich or poor. I hope we continue to ask the hard questions and hold our legislators accountable to their smoke and mirror answers. Folks, you don’t want to be dealt a false bill of good, on the topic of health care. Please stay engaged.

This is much too important an issue to allow Nancy Pelosi and friends to rush this scheme through the House and Senate. The people of the United States need to fully understand the ramifications of such a health care proposal before slamming it down our throats, like the so called stimulus packages.

I am amazed at the transformation within our population over the way the government is running wildly into the direction of socializing ideas and spending more money than we can ever repay. How is this possible? Because too many believed in hope and change without understanding what the change really was. God save our country!
Robyn Bailey
Aug. 11, 2009