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Government is the problem, not solution
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
A friend of mine sent me some information that was not in Mr. Aquila’s letter. Page 114 and line 22 says congress and their families are exempt from the government-run health care reform plan.  If it is not good for these democRATS, why is it good for the rest of us! These RATs would destroy health care like they have destroyed every other government-run program.  

I would not trust these RATS with any of them.  The government is not the solution! It is the problem! The government has ask us to trust them before with other government programs and all of them have been a failure.  These RATS are destroying America. Obama is throwing cheese to his other Rats out there and destroying this country while the media covers up everything.  Did any of your readers read or hear about the 4,000 prisoners who got stimulus money worth $1 million from the $787 billion stimulus bill that was supposed to create jobs? Twenty-Three of those inmates received checks and among their ranks are a prisoner convicted of first-degree murder, three prisoners jailed for second-degree murder and five convicted rapists.  Yes, Joe Idiot out there is working so this government can waste more tax dollars.  I am sure LarryBaca will defend it.  

All you democRATS need to be thown out of office. The RATS and President Osama are destroying this country!  I tell everyone not to believe the democRATS and let’s vote them out of office.  It will take each of us since we have to vote against voter fraud.
 James Simoni
Sept. 11, 2009