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Governor needs to be fair with CCPOA workers
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin.

As the wife of a California correctional officer I am compelled to respond to the article in the Record on Thursday,Jan.14, 2010. (“Governor fights prison guard furlough ruling”).

Since our budget crisis started, the California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA) have forfeited approximately 15% of their income.

Additionally they do not receive holiday or overtime pay when they are worked. The governor is now seeking another 5% cut in wages and increase their pension contribution another 5% for a total of about 25% lost income. They work daily in a dangerous environment outnumbered by criminals that often attack, threaten, and endanger their lives and health. Their job is a necessity to provide public safety and security 24/7, 365 days a year.

The Governor further requests layoffs, and incentive pay to work nights, weekends, maintaining physical fitness, and officers with higher education degrees to be slashed.

The Governor having served on the President’s Council for Health and Fitness and an outspoken supporter of higher education contradicts this with his current intent of action. In fact, Schwarzenegger appears to have a personal agenda and vindictiveness against these officers and their union. It is time the Governor redirects his focus and impose equal concessions on the CHP. All our vital service departments have had to share the state’s budget crisis. It is time the Governor acts in a fair and balanced manner.

Charlotte  Abreu
Jan. 18, 2010