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Greenhouse gas: Junk science or jobs?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin

Mr. Scott Sadlowski made a very poignant comment in his letter, but failed to see the irony of it.  Mr. Scott Sadlowski stated “They still blame others for what is wrong in the world, but in no way is it them.”  Over the past several years we have had many different opinions and points of view presented in this paper.  There was a series of letters which argued critical thinking.  One thing that is clear, those that present facts and go into detail have a much better understanding of the situation.

I have had several good quality discussions on the Manteca Bulletin blogs with some strong Democrats that have a different point of view.  We have both gained a greater understanding of the issues, though we still disagree.  Those who just make accusations, scream insults, and present no facts are the ones in denial.  It is these types of people that Mr. Sadlowski is referring.  And as Mr. Sadlowski  eludes to, these people are oblivious to this fact.  To show this, let’s address the global warming issue.  Democrats who follow Mr. Gore and the Environmentalist believe that CO2 is causing global warming.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  To prove this point all one has to do is to look over the geological time span to confirm a strong correlation between the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, and also check heat transfer of CO2 in the atmosphere against the laws of thermodynamics.  Geological and modern temperature history shows that there is no correlation between global warming and CO2.  Many of the Environmentalist and Democrats have been attacking those who believe global warming is false.  The charts that Mr. Gore presented in the video “An Inconvenient Truth” is full of false data.  Consider that Mr. Gore shows 650,000 years of temperature that has a very strong correlation with CO2.  In the last 200 years of his graph, the CO2 increased by a factor 2 without the temperature rising.  

The projected increase is a factor of 4.5 within 45 years this would mean we should be well into an increase over 50 degrees F.  Since this data was compiled, the amount of CO2 has increase tremendously while earth’s temperature has held steady.  I have read reports that the temperature lags from a few months to 1,000 years.  Why is there a huge discrepancy in this data?  Mr. Gore’s data show it down to days.  Remember the graph where Mr. Gore shows the seasonal changes against rising temperatures, and explains it as the leaves falling of the trees?  This relationship is only days apart.  What is it, 1 day or 1,000 years?  Now let’s look at the laws of thermodynamics.  As the CO2 content increases the rate at which heat can escape increases.  This is because the specific heat of CO2 is lower then that of H2O vapor.  This means pollution and water vapor (clouds and humidity) trap the heat and raise the temperature..  As the levels of CO2 increase, the specific heat of the atmosphere decreases. 

This allows heat to move from a hot body to a cold (black) body faster.  There are many other pieces of evidence to support this global warming model than I can write in this letter.  After the push by Mr. Gore, the Democrats, and Environmentalists, They attacked those that disagreed with them and labeled them as fringe and lunatics.  These people did not prove their points with facts, but sarcasm.  This is the common approach the ignorant take, as well as those Mr. Sadlowski addresses.   Over the past couple of years, in Japan, Europe, Russia, Asia, and other regions of the world, people are starting to realize that CO2 is not causing global warming.  

Mr. Obama and the Democrats are pushing strong laws against green house gases that will do this country economic harm.  Here in California we have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.  The Democrats have destroyed this economy and now they want to destroy it some more.  The environmental push by the Democrats is based on politics not facts.  The choice is green house gas laws based on junk science, or jobs.  You weigh the choice.