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Guilt by innuendo can go both ways
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
This morning I am reading the opinion section of your paper, and I found an interesting letter from local extremist, Robert Blanch. I am sure that most readers remember Robert Blanch from the dressing down, or should I say dressing up as a clown that Larry Baca gave him after his last letter.

It seems that Robert is trying to be a protégé of Frank Aquila by stating lies and innuendo in his letter to the editor. It appears that Frank and Robert like to play a Fox Party version of 6 degrees to Kevin Bacon; only their version is 6 degrees to Democrats. In Frank’s letters, he is able to take anything undesirable, and tie it to the Democrats. In his most recent letter, Frank managed to tie Democrats to a group called NAMBLA, which is a group that promotes man/boy sexual relationships. Not a group that I would like to belong to, or support, but one that has existed through Democrat and Republican congresses and presidencies without anyone bringing an end to them.

Now, this paper is gracious enough to print opinion letters from all stripes of people with all kinds of opinions. They also add the letters to their web site that allows others to comment on the posted opinion.  Robert refers to this site in his letter by claiming that people on the site were actually defending NAMBLA. Well, I reviewed the site, and I don’t see anyone defending NAMBLA. Robert didn’t mention in his letter that he uses the moniker Newssense, and through the whole thread of the blogs, you can see Robert doing his best Glenn Beck impersonation by using innuendo and lies to imply those on the blog are somehow defending NAMBLA. Here’s the strange part of all of this, you can go to the site and read the postings for yourself that do not support the claims that Blanch is making.

I wanted to see how much fun this guilt by association game is, so here goes. It seems that Red states are big subscribers to online porn. Depending how you measure the demographics, between 6 and 9 of the top 10 states that subscribe to porn are red states with Utah leading in every category.  The 27 states that have banned Gay marriage have 11% more porn subscribers than states that have not banned it. So using Frank and Blanch’s game, we can come to the conclusion that Republicans are porn addicts! I don’t know if this is worse than cheating on your wife, or flirting with young male pages, or trolling for a date in the men’s room, but it sounds like the Republicans are deviants.  How can this be the Family Values Party when they overwhelmingly engage in deviant pornography?

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to use innuendo to imply negativity towards any group of people. Now I am not saying that all Republicans are sexual deviants, but the numbers are hard to argue with. I didn’t want to be accused of cut and paste so while you are looking up Frank’s letter on the Bulletin web site, do a Google search on red states and porn, and see what comes up for yourself.

One thing you will notice from Robert’s postings online and in the paper is that he visits the NAMBLA web site; he even quotes from it. How does that game go again? Oh yeah... now that is deviant!
Scott Sadlowski
Oct. 21, 2009