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Gun owners arent criminals or terrorists
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I read in the paper about a bill prohibiting carrying guns in public. One of the statements made in the article was and I quote, “unloaded guns pose a threat. In part because gun owners are allowed to carry ammunition and could load their weapon within seconds.” This is a very damaging statement to our citizens who own guns. It puts us in the class of criminals who are intent in killing anybody who gets in their way.

The article talks about public safety. Here again it is saying that citizens who own guns would use them against anyone without provocation. It says to us who own guns we have no common sense or respect for our fellow citizens. It puts us in the same class as terrorist and gangs who go around killing themselves and innocent people.

The gun crimes I hear and read about are done by criminals, gangs, terrorist and deranged people not the ordinary citizen. The criminals, gangs, terrorist and deranged people will have their guns and use them at their will regardless of laws.

This bill would only deny the ordinary citizen of their Second Amendment rights. What would be next, ban all things that could kill people. This bill and the author lacks common sense.
Thurman C. Brown
April 26, 2010