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Harmer needs to remember reason for upcoming congressional election
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin
With one week to go until the primary election on June 8, I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking to each of the Republican Congressional candidates in California’s 11 District and also being the moderator of two Congressional forums.

 Each candidate would serve the voters well and each candidate has worked hard to become the nominee and bring conservative values back to this district.  I have not endorsed any candidate as I wish to remain fair and independent, but I believe we have lost focus in the final days leading to the primary on June 8.  

While each candidate has the right to attack another for positions on particular issues, I am disturbed and disappointed in a recent mailer put out by the Harmer campaign against Elizabeth Emken.  The Harmer mailer says Elizabeth Emken is falsely attacking David Harmer; but the mailing itself is, in fact, a false attack against Elizabeth Emken.  The mailer leads people to believe the CRA, the California Republican Assembly, is “Warning” Republicans and asking “Is Elizabeth Emken even a Republican?”  The CRA did not send out this ad and the mailer is intentionally deceptive in an effort to make people believe it was sent out by the CRA.  The CRA and the Harmer campaign should immediately denounce the mailer.  If the candidates want to attack each other, they have the right to do so, but they should not be deceptive to make it appear other, presumed independent organizations are doing their dirty work.

 As for the CRA itself, I am disappointed in how they chose their delegates - who were literally  drawn from a hat - to  select David Harmer as their nominee. Additionally the process is only meaningful if the delegates are truly independent of any campaign.  I asked the CRA officials to select delegates that were neutral and independent to ensure the nomination was valid. Instead the delegates were comprised of individuals working in a particular campaign and even relatives.

This Republican primary is too important to allow the CRA’s nomination of a congressional candidate to be chosen from a hat.  And to be chosen by delegates who are affiliated with one campaign, in particular, is unconscionable.  Candidates should be selected based on the facts not by sloppy procedures that allow affiliated delegates into a nomination process the voters believe is objective.  And not by deceptive mailers that seek to change the facts.

 In the end, I will support whoever the nominee is because I remember the real reason we need to have a conservative win our congressional seat.  I just wish those involved in compromising the process would also remember. 
 Frank Aquila
President, South San Joaquin Republicans
May 31, 2010