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He asks Baca if religion is bad thing
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
This guy Larry Baca jumps all over Chuck Root’s Christian religion like it’s a bad thing.
What is your religion? Muslim? Atheism? Or is your faith in Hillary? You refer to your belief that Trump is Klan backed racist and bigoted without one shred of evidence. You are inciting subversion of our President. Hilary didn’t respect Congress and destroyed emails requested by Congress that may have contained classified information. The FBI should have checked into that before we the people voted. She should have been forthcoming.
Of course the Electoral College is to even out the election because millions of illegals are here and voting as well as committing crimes. Illegal is illegal. What is it about illegal you can’t understand? Like you said  —”look it up”.
That nonsense about Putin and Russians hacking and Wikileaks is like your whole letter, fabrication. Wikileaks is Assange who needs no help. Hilary’s private servers were open to everyone who could hack them.
Hilary won the popular vote because California, Oregon, and Washington state combined for an overwhelming block of voters who create such a large majority that they could control the rest of this nation every election.
 Sir, you and those like you, want to take away the freedom to use logic on these matters instead of emotions as mature adults should. If I was an immature child I’d be protesting in the streets over nothing just like the rest.      

R. Fernandez